General population

Iyeza Express

Iyeza Express is a bicycle courier service that collects and deliver chronic medication from public health facilities to patient's doorstep.

Advanced Eye Treatment Unit- Nayana

An innovative and sustainbale model to tackle choronic causes of blindness, like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and hypertension. Leverages on exisiting infrastructure through the "Cinderella Model". An economic model that is sustainable and inclusive.

DKT Myanmar

DKT Myanmar is in the process of developing programming to address these issues and provide access to a full range of affordable family-planning options.

DKT Tanzania

DKT will develop innovative outreach, education, and marketing efforts to shift family planning behavior and to expand the contraceptive market.

Swasthya Vaani

Mobile Vaani is a citizen radio-over-phone platform, reachable by placing a missed call to the number, which calls back immediately at no cost to the user. The Swasthya Vaani channel provides health information and a way to report on the quality of care received at health facilities.

Hello Doctor

South Africa
South Africa has 9 million consumers that are unemployed, uninsured and with limited healthcare.Hello Doctor's online subscription service and media platform seeks to fill this gap by providing access to healthcare information using first world clinical protocols facilitated by medical doctors.

DKT Pakistan

DKT Pakistan has identified and begun the steps necessary to reach Pakistani couples and the more than six million women (20.1% of married women of reproductive age) with an unmet need for contraception through Social Marketing and Social Franchising initiatives.


e-Analysis is a smart patients monitoring & analysing device which is used to collect vital information from patients through their phones with the help of a mobile application.The collected information is sent to a data centre for analysis & monitoring for unnoticeable & sudden changes.

PurpleSource Healthcare

PurpleSource Healthcare is a healthcare organisation with a mission to create sustainable, scalable healthcare solutions for the mass market in Nigeria. The objective is to improve value to patients by leveraging on economies of scale, quality improvement, standardisation, and technology.

Phelophepha Healthcare Train

South Africa
Phelophepa Healthcare train has 19 coaches, fully equipped to provide dental, eye and primary health care examinations and treatment which also includes cancer, diabetes and hypertension screening and education rotating throughout the country for 35 weeks.