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Honduras, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Panama
Reliefwatch is a cloud based medical supply and disease tracking platform that uses automated voice calls and simple mobile phones. The system provides real-time data to reduce medical stock outs and expirations and the ability to track diseases so that an outbreak doesn’t become an epidemics.

Medical Diagnostech

South Africa
Medical Diagnostech is Cape Town based company that manufactures low cost quality diagnostic kits with high sensitivity and specificity for malaria, pregnancy and drug abuse. These devices are easy to use, affordable and accessible ideal for low income settings faced with malaria and drug abuse.

Owethu Clinics

Owethu is a rural primary healthcare clinic deployed in rural communities. These mobile structures provide state of the art facilities and equipment funded by the Cipla Foundation. A range of healthcare services are provided in partnership with NGO's to serve poor communities at low cost.


Mexico, Panama
PACE MD provides continuing medical education and training services to public and private medical care organizations in Mexico and Latin America. Our goal is to improve medical care and system efficiency in emergency situations from medical centers out to the last kilometer of the chain of survival.

ART Adherence Clubs

It is estimated that over 6 million South Africans live with HIV. The provision of Antiretroviral drugs in public health facilities has substantially increased the lifespan of patients diagnosed with HIV however, the demand for HIV treatment has put significant strain on clinic pharmacies resulting in longer waiting periods for ARTs. Due to this, patients default on treatment because of work or family commitments.

Strait Access Technologies

SAT was established to develop, manufacture and market cardiac-related medical devices that addresses the need of up to 75 million Rheumatic Heart Disease patients worldwide. It is our mission to make life-saving, cost-effective cardiac devices and deployment systems available to sufferers of hea

Vula Eye Health App

Vula Eye Health App is specifically designed to improve eye care in rural areas. App users are able to make use of a variety of functionalities. The app functions as an eye test and a pupil check, by using graphics on the screen to test a patient's vision and the light from the phone to test a patie


South Africa
Kheth'Impilo specialises in solution development and implementation for health and community systems and services strengthening in marginalised communities. The comprehensive Health care solutions include treatment, care and support for people infected and affected with HIV and TB.


Afghanistan, African continent, Guatemala, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, United States
Dimagi is an award-winning social enterprise that delivers open and innovative technology to underserved communities everywhere.


Hand to Hand Renal care aims to integrate physical and virtual (internet and mobile telephony) interventions to increase access to and quality of renal care in resource poor settings