Informal sector workers

Tiendas de la Salud (TISA)

TISA is a micro-pharmacy franchise model that addresses health challenges by expanding access to essential medicines in poor, rural Guatemalan communities. Community residents are provided training, financing and discounted medicines so they can own and operate a small health store.

Global Health Media Project

Global Health Media Project produces and distributes clinical teaching videos for frontline healthcare workers in low-resource settings. The videos provide high-quality, step-by-step visual instructions that are easy to understand and put into action.

Kenya Community Based Health Financing Institution (KCBHFA)

KCBHFA offers several non-profit insurance schemes for the informal sector. Members pay small premiums on a regular basis to offset the risk of needing to pay large healthcare fees upon falling sick.

Ethiopia Community-Based Health Insurance

The Ethiopian Community-Based Health Insurance scheme will cover all family health services and curative care that are part of the Essential Health Package in Ethiopia.

Swashraya Health Card Programme

The Swashraya Health Card Programme is a community-based health insurance scheme offered by Gandhi Smaraka Grama seva Kendra. The scheme provides voluntary coverage to members of the self-help group.

Nkoranza Community Financing Health Insurance Scheme

Nkoranza Community Financing Health Insurance Scheme provides hospitalization coverage (24 hours or more).

NIDAN Microinsurance

NIDAN covers disease, accidental death and disability, life, and property. The product is underwritten by LIC and VimoSEWA.

Seguro Facultativo de Salud (Nicaraguan Social Security Institute)

In January 2007, the government of Nicaragua initiated a demonstration project that extended the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute’s (INSS’) health insurance program to informal sector workers using microfinance institutions (MFIs) as delivery channels.

Sanitary Kit for Traditional Midwives

The Sanitary Kit will provide low-cost hygienic materials and disinfectants to traditional birth attendants (TBAs) for use in home deliveries in poor communities.

The Health and ROSCA Project (HARP)

This project aims to provide innovative saving devices earmarked for health where members are encouraged to save and improve the welfare of households in Western Kenya.