Dhanak by DKT Pakistan

A program focused on contraceptive use to manage population growth and protect against HIV/AIDs, using dynamic social marketing.

DKT Ghana

A program focused on contraceptive use to manage population growth and protect against HIV/AIDs using dynamic social marketing.

PrePex, Male Circumcision Device

The PrePex device has been developed to facilitate safe, simple, scalable and cost effective non-surgical adult male circumcision programs as part of a comprehensive HIV prevention package in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Health Child - Uganda

Health Child Uganda aims to promote child health through the reduction of child illness and mortality. It focuses on preventing the occurrence of common illnesses among children including malaria, Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI), diarrhoea, worm infections and anaemia, amongst others.


China, Ghana, India, Kenya, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam
BasicNeeds is an international NGO working to make change on the issue of mental illness & epilepsy in developing countries. By working in partnership with mentally ill people, BasicNeeds has built a unique & effective model for recovery and sustained good mental health.


Since 1976, the nongovernmental organization, INPPARES (Peruvian Institute of Responsible Fatherhood), has worked to improve the quality of life of the Peruvian people, especially those disadvantaged socially and economically, through an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health.

BASIX Microinsurance

BASIX offers group and individual health insurance as well as hospital cash products for Royal Sundaram Finance Limited (BSFL) credit customers, non-credit customers, and spouses to insure against hospitalization due to illness or injury.

Mobile Male Circumcision Clinic

The Mobile Medical Male Circumcision clinic is a modern, safe, and practical mobile surgical van that expands access to circumcision services to previously unreached areas of Uganda.

Bandhu Social Welfare Society (BSWS)

Bandhu Social Welfare Society works toward the well-being of stigmatized and socially-excluded males and their partners, by providing sexual health services and supporting human rights and alternative livelihoods. The group has been able to develop a wide-ranging series of successful programs.

Concerned Women for Family Development (CWFD)

CWFD started its activities as a Non-Government Organization by providing family planning services at the community level through one to one approach, face to face communication and door to door service.