Young adults (13-24)

Bandhan Health Program

The Bandhan Health program is comprised of health education ( forums facilitated by Bandhan's Health Community Organizer), health product distribution (via health kits provided to the health volunteers) and providing linkages/referrals to public health centers for women children and adolescents

RxGen Pharmacy Project

Cambodia, Nicaragua, Vietnam
RxGen model works with young people to reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections by making it easier for them to get the health information and products they need. Their point of contact is the pharmacy, which is more accessible than a health care clinic.

The Youth Truck

Youth Truck is a mobile outreach service, which sensitizes youth in rural areas and urban slums on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) (including HIV/AIDS prevention) through films and other activities.

Women’s Equity in Access to Care and Treatment Program (WE-ACTx) for Hope

Women’s Equity in Access to Care and Treatment (WE-ACTx) for Hope increases women’s and children’s access to primary health care and treatment in resource-limited settings at the grassroots level.


MeraDoctor lets people chat directly with a trained, licensed doctor through an Android app (like WhatsApp with a doctor). We are the #3 ranked medical app in India. Our patient base is growing 10% per week. Doctors are now joining the platform to earn extra money and build their reputation.

APAE de São Paulo

APAE was founded in 1961 to treat individuals with developmental deficiencies from childhood to adulthood. The organization offers healthcare services, as well as education programs, and supports researches and rights.

DERDIC - Division for Education and Rehabilitation for Communication Disorders

Founded in 1972 by families of hearing-impaired teenagers, the DERDIC was incorporated into the Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and is run by their Speech and Hearing school. The organization provides free clinical services for low-income Brazilians, educational training, and research.

Tuungane Youth Centre

Tuungane is a youth organization that aims at promoting HIV prevention and improving uptake of VCT and STI services by offering youth friendly and youth specific HIV services.

Build Kenya

Build Kenya launched its education, income generation and HIV/AIDS awareness programmes to address key issues affecting young people's development. Its primary activities are carried out through "health clubs" which work with school-aged children to deliver key health education messages.

HIV/AIDS Awareness, Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program

The RVCP HIV/AIDS Awareness, Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program aims to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS through education of the youth to raise their awareness about HIV/AIDS whilst fighting the stigma and discrimination that affect the people living with HIV and AIDS.